Product and configuration videos

View our product-oriented videos to enable quick start, fast progress and deeper knowledge for productive use.


Introduction videos

SG-gateway teaser

This teaser video gives a quick overview about the capabilities of the SG-gateway.

SG-gateway walktrough

This walktrough video provides an overview of the web-interface and a glance of the powerful configuration capabilities.

SG-gateway first steps

This video shows how to setup a factory-new Ixxat SG-gateway on a step-by-step basis.

Coffee-Demo – the SG-gateway on exhibitions 

Coping with the challenge how to show the basic ideas of smart grids and integrated energy: The Coffee Demonstrator presents two corresponding site setups, including a factory site and a hospital, using SG-gateways to manage 61850, MODBUS, M-Bus, PROFINET, MQTT, SMS, OPC-UA.



Security features

Protocol guides

on SG-gateway

This video shows the basic steps to setup
VPN connections.

Reference manual for OpenVPN 2.4

PROFINET on SG-gateway
with Siemens PLC

Setting up a PROFINET connection and creating a project with TIA portal, to transmit data from the SG-gateway to a Siemens PLC and vice versa.

EtherNet/IP on SG-gateway with Rockwell PLC 

Setting up an EtherNET/IP connection and creating a project with Studio 5000 to transmit data from the SG-gateway to a Rockwell PLC and vice versa.