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IXXAT PC/CAN interface series adds support for VxWorks

by User Not Found | Aug 08, 2016

HMS now offers ECI drivers with VxWorks 7 support for many of its IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces.

The ECI driver with VxWorks support allows easy development of CAN-based real-time applications on Intel® Core™ architectures and processors, such as Intel® Core™ 2, Intel® Celeron® (Core), Intel® Celeron® M (Merom), Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core (Allendale /Merom) and Intel® Xeon® (Core).


IXXAT PC interfaces are available for all common PC interface standards – from PCIe and PCIe Mini to USB and Ethernet. Depending on the PC/CAN interface version, up to four CAN channels and a galvanic isolation of the CAN bus interface is offered.

In addition to VxWorks HMS supports its IXXAT CAN interfaces with ECI driver versions for the real time operating systems RTX, INtime and QNX as well as for Linux and Windows (VCI driver).

ECI Driver Download