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canAnalyser Mini – free monitoring tool for the IXXAT CAN interfaces

by Norbert Binder | Jan 24, 2017

Up to now, the VCI driver included the IXXAT miniMon, a simple Windows tool which facilitates the commissioning of the IXXAT CAN interfaces by providing an easy functionality check as well as functions for the display and analysis of CAN messages.

With the new VCI V4 driver, the IXXAT miniMon has been replaced by the canAnalyser Mini, as part of the VCI driver package. The canAnalyser Mini is the free entry-level version of the canAnalyser family providing all important functions for a basic analysis. This includes:

  • Display of CAN and error messages (layer 2 raw CAN, 11 and 29 bit identifiers)
  • Communication recording and storage on the PC
  • Automatic detection of bit rates
  • Transmission of  CAN messages


canAnalyser Mini

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